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Just for Fun

Type Racer
This addictive site is a lot of fun and will certainly increase your wpm if nothing else!!

This site is full of fun games, quizzes and challenges that will keep your noggin running in top form.

The Oatmeal
Here’s how a web design goes straight to hell.


An excellent online community and a favorite source for quality, royalty-free photos.

Learn about our world through photography.

I’m loving this photoblog which pairs beautiful photography with often equally beautiful writing.

Good Folks Doing Great Work

Pass the Hat
Incredible. Powerful. Affordable philanthropy. Just $2 per month, check it out.

Sustainable Connections
Sustainable Connections works to make our local Bellingham, WA community one that is thriving and collaborative; where local businesses prosper, while contributing to a healthy environment, and the well-being of its citizens.



The Popper Project – Joshua Roman
My favorite cellist posted a Popper etude each week for 40 weeks. Complex etudes, mastered and memorized.

Cello Professor
Full of very useful tips on cello technique, including bow hold, arm position, vibrato, and lots more.

Eric Whitacre
Composer, conductor with loads of interesting events on his elegant website.

Food, More Food!

Budget Bytes
I’ve tried several of the very tasty, and very cost-effective recipes offered on this wonderful website.

Cooking with the New York Times
Wonderful food essays, recipes, articles, inspiration and more.

Spoon, Fork, Bacon
The food, the stunning food photography, the gruyere and green onion waffles . . .

Computer Related

This service REALLY works to rid your inbox of junk messages. Free 30 day trial.

Subtle Patterns
My go-to resource for tilable, textured patterns.